Computer Environmental Solutions Limited

Management Team

Mr. Douglas Day
(Managing Director)
Skills and experience: BSc. Electrical Engineering with over 27 years experience in Servicing, Sales and Management.

Mr. Francis Bailey

Skills and experience: Over 30 years data processing and management.

Mrs. Sonia Grace Lloyd
(Chief Financial Officer)

Skills and experience: Certificate in Business Administration - University of Technology ACCA Level 2, BA. General Studies (Major Guidance & Counselling) - Jamaica Theological Seminary with over 11 years experience in Accounting.

Mr. Roulston Mattocks
(Customer Service & Support Manager)

Skills and experience: B.Sc. Computing and Management - Majoring in Data Communications & Operations Management with over 19 years experience in Electronics and Information & Communication Technology.

Ms. Carlene Peart, CPS
(Executive Assistant/HR Manager)

Over 26 Years in Corporate Administration and Human Resource Management.

Cable And Wireless Warehouse Network Product